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    Bangkok University The Creative University
    • Executive & Short Course Training
    • Openness to creativity and ideas with an extension of imagination
    • Creative Entrepreneurship Development Institute (CEDI)

    • http://cedi.bu.ac.th

      CEDI in cooperation with Babson College have devoted to develop and design entrepreneur courses from research along with experience of dragon businesspeople. Moreover, CEDI also provides business inheritance consulting service by professional staffs in order to empower you in propelling your business to its maximum effectiveness.
    Bualuang Smart Family Enterprise (B-Smart) in cooperation with Bangkok Bank, the largest financial institution in Thailand that takes care of many entrepreneurs, envision the importance in promoting entrepreneurs in Thailand in various ways for sustainability and stability of the nation’s most important foundations.
    “The Course of the Future: study the future and define your own business direction” This course is convenient for futuristic entrepreneurs like you that must be able to understand the change of the business world and armed to negotiate with those obstacles.
    Study a short course at Babson College the Essence of Entrepreneurial Leadership which is convenient for corporate income executives and entrepreneurs.
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    • Welcome to an educational Institution that provides opportunities of creation and opens for every idea to extend every imagination to a big success.
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    • Enroll now! Step to the creative university, a place where you can explode your thoughts and make you outstamding and wanted.
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    • Bangkok University, a leader in creative education that can extremely create everyone's future with creative environment.
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