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    Bangkok University The Creative University
    • Master's Degree

    Application Procedure

    2014/2015 New Student Enrollment Schedule for Master's Degree. Apply in person at the university or apply online -- No application fees

    Apply in person at the university

    1. Fill in an entrance application form. The application form can be received at the application location or download here.
    2. Submit the application form along with official Transcripts ( 2 copies).
    3. Record application data and issue an examination candidate ID card. (Examination cadidates check out the examination schedule and the interview date on the ID card received)

    Apply online

    1. Input application data Here
    2. Select MA. Course and Read application schedule and conditions.
    3. After inputing application data, print out an examination candidate ID card to check out the examination schedule and interview date on the ID card.
    4. Come in for an interview on the date and time specified along with the following documents;
      • An Examination Cadidate ID card
      • An official Transcript ( 1 copy). In case of contunuing program, High Vocational Certificate Transcript ( 1 copy) must be presented as well.
      • 1 Photograph (1 inch x 1 inch)
      • Citizen Identification card or Passport ( 1 Copy )
      • Employment Certificate (If any)
      • Other documents e.g. seminar or training certificate for exemption of Basic courses